Business Philosophy – We’re Fully Insured

What makes us unique? Hometown Painting Services has a diversified set of skills that blend together to complete the restoration of your home. When tackling century old traditional home projects the objective is to preserve the original features, right? The greatest features is the hardware on all the doors and cabinets throughout the home. Well more often than not, they have many layers of old paint built up and are an eyesore. Instead of throwing these gems out why not have them professionally restored? We are the only painting contractor in the Madison area that has the ability to do this. Our workshop has all the equipment necessary to clean the original hardware and powder coat back to a brilliant finish!

Hometown Painting Services believes in providing the highest quality painting and staining services to our customers. At Hometown Painting Services, it is our moral obligation to charge fair market prices for every job, period. The company’s greatest strength is its devotion to quality satisfaction. By refusing to cut corners, Hometown Painting Services out performs it’s competition in all areas of painting and staining. Jacob brings to the table 10 years of painting experience in Madison, WI, a positive go getter attitude, attention to detail and absolute dedication to his company’s success.